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I am finished with recording my new album: in my flat – at home – in a most natural environment. In comparison to my former albums there are more acoustic instruments on this one: cello, dulcimer, percussions (home-made, too). How will everything turn out in such imperfect conditions? Excellent – I hope. Folk music has always been performed in an environment packed with ordinary everyday sounds. I feel that a studio often takes away from folk music the ingredient that is the most natural one – human imperfection. And in many cases it is this ingredient that makes folk music perfect.

I recorded my new album with some new friends/musicians/instruments and hopefully future participants in my concerts. The usual and most simple way of performing till now has always been: me and my guitar. This year I am planning to perform my music to the accompaniment of cello, dulcimer, percussions… In this era when everything is possible, it is great fun to combine the past and the present and to make music with traditional instruments in a non-traditional manner.

I hope my ethno music workshop with club MOCVARA continues in autumn. Participants always have a great time singing. One of the reasons people decide to participate in the workshops has always been to link with other people who like world music. Besides learning to sing traditional songs from Croatia we learn songs from many other countries, such as the USA, Russia, Indonesia, Japan…Those who know how to play instruments accompany our singing when inspired to do so. The basic principle is always for everyone to have a good time.
Connecting cultures… Beauty is in diversity… Sounds of the roots… Roots of the Globe I am very happy to be one of the participants of a festival that takes place in wonderful natural settings of ancient Salona, the best place one can imagine for performing world music. It is a natural stage where the past and the present meet in a most extraordinary way ( It is there I will perform songs from my new album polje siroko, nebo visoko for the first time (to be released in September this year).

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