Dunja Knebl & Roko Margeta

Photographs: Dinko Čvorić – Doringo

Roko Margeta, is the youngest member of Dunja’s band Kololira. Just like Dunja who has lived in a number of countries (USA., Indonesia, Russia), Roko Margeta had the chance to experience the culture of other countries besides Croatia (Egypt, China, India, Indonesia). He is a very accomplished musician playing on a wide array of instruments. Although he is primarily a percussionist, he is equally good at playing the keyboards, Indian harmonium, ukulele, kalimba, sansula, swarmandal, tanpura, tapan, frame drum, egzotic flutes (from Indonesian to Irish flutes). He performs with different bands, and the most successful are: Lizards exist and Et’nas.

Dunja & Roko                                                                    

After performing as a duo at the Subotica (Serbia) ETNOFEST festival in 2018, Dunja Knebl and Roko Margeta decided to record an album by themselves.

Although the age difference between them is almost half a century, they both love traditional folk music, and interpretations that sound both ancient and contemporary.

Their album „Svilarica svilu prede“ (The Spinstress is Spinning Silk) was released in 2019, with 14 traditional folk songs from Croatia arranged in an non-traditional manner, with instruments coming from all over the world .The album landed in the Transglobal World Music Chart (January, 2020).

Available on Bandcamp  :


Dunja: voice, sansula, guitar, Indian harmonium

Roko: Indian harmonium, ukulele, kalimba, sansula, swarmandal, tanpura, tapan, frame drum, exotic flutes (from Indonesian to Irish), small percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hrvoje Nikšić at Kramasonik studio from December 2018  till February 2019


Their second album “Songbook Songs” was released on November 5, 2021 by Geenger Records:



It is part of the Songbook Songs project, where one of the elements is a short autobiography by Dunja in which the 14 songs are stops along the path of her interesting life in different countries. The songs are from Croatia, England, Indonesia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Belarus.

The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Dinko Čvorić – Doringo in June-July, 2021.

Album artwork: Biljana Knebl

The first single released on September 10, 2021 : Slavuj, tico mala (Croatia)


The second single released on October 8, 2021: Ked som ishol (Slovakia)


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