Theatre Performances

Dunja’s music has been used in several theatre performances: Budi se lijepa and Mrtva svadba at Teatar ITD, Zagreb, Cezar (directed by Branko Brezovac), … jer bez tebe nema mene (a dance performance choreographed by Barbara Novkovic), and she was the composer of the music/songs in a performance entitled Regoc and Kosjenka that she based on traditional Croatian folk songs.

A theatre performance entitled Ogledam se (I Am Looking Around Me) where children dance to her recorded music was featured during the International Children’s Festival in Sibenik in 1997.
Dunja also has two performances where she is the sole author and only performer:
The first one is an autobiographic mono-play entitled Why I became a folk singer at 47 or The Fear of Cloning (with singing in Croatian, English, Indonesian and Russian). 

Why I became a folk singer…
The second is a performance for children:  The story about forgotten songs or A musical journey around the world

These performances can be performed in English, as well as the musical performance she produced together with unprofessional singers/musicians (mostly coming from her workshops) entitled Oj ti tožni človek (Oh, you poor man) based on Croatian murder ballads.

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