How to become successful – my way

After a recent show I was asked to reveal my recipe for success.

If it is success that I have achieved in the past years, I will gladly share with you.

However, don’t blame me if it does not work for you because there is no universal recipe.

1. You must always follow your heart in making decisions.
2. You must act without a system, outside existing systems, and be true to yourself.
3. You must act without relying on help from personal connections, without a plan, and let things develop by themselves.
4. Money must not play an important role when making decisions.
5. You must never be a clone; your own clone, or someone else’s.
6. You must stay immune to reactions from your friends and relatives who have a great urge to advise you, but most of all they would like you to be like other folk – normal. For instance: my mother wanted to have a normal daughter (me) and my daughter would like to have a normal mother (me).
7. The ingredient you must never forget is love. If your love for what you are doing is strong enough, you may leave out all the other listed ingredients.

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