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I am a happy individual who has found her true self in a life fulfilled with music ever since I began performing in public at the age of 47 , and I’m hoping to share the beauty of it all with others in as many ways as possible.

This here is one of the ways …

If songs can’t be heard and listened to – they are dead.
When I found books containing hundreds of beautiful Croatian folk songs that have never been recorded, I began doing what I have been doing since: turning notes and written words into music. Most of all I would like these songs to be sung by other people. It is absurd that this computer-wise generation should forget songs that have been handed down from generation to generation in times when it was not a common thing to be able to read and write.

I am extremely happy because I do not have to go anywhere. The most beautiful songs are here where I am now. As are both the place and the time.


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